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In this sensitive period in which our country is living, I address myself mainly to the entire Technological community, to the parents who have placed their trust for the training of their children and to our future students, as we have a series of very important challenges to face. And it is in moments of crisis when the strength of the Institutions emerges, the Tecnológico de Perote has once again proven to be a highly qualified Institution for the training of professionals with a great sense of social responsibility and capable of achieving their personal and professional development.

I am proud to direct management, administrative and teaching staff, committed, motivated and willing to transmit, in addition to knowledge to our students, the values ​​that make a person of integrity, competent and empathetic to the needs of their environment.

I want to express my commitment to continue guaranteeing the educational quality provided by Tecnológico de Perote, because in addition to the five certifications achieved, research and accreditation of our educational programs are vigorously promoted, as well as the strengthening of the infrastructure, working tirelessly to maintain a solid Institution and proud of its function.

Finally I express my gratitude to all of you for the effort, collaboration and confidence to achieve the objectives and overcome adversity, at this time when life shows us the vulnerability of the human condition, therefore it is important to take a moment to reflect and understand that Each one of our actions builds or destroys our society and that the daily work of this Educational Institution represents a grain of sand in the construction of a better future.



Being a high-performance institution recognized for its quality and academic excellence for the professionalism and values ​​of its staff and graduates; that provide technology and knowledge for the strengthening and consolidation of the country's environmental, economic and social development.


To train professionals with values ​​and academic excellence, as well as to generate knowledge and technological innovation, to contribute to the environmental, social and economic development of the Region and the Country.


Due to the need to have a higher-level institution in Perote, Mr. Raúl Molina Ovando , mayor of that town, and Mr. Jaime Jesús Riaño Contreras and their collaborators, were given the task of carrying out a feasibility study for the creation of a Technological; authorization issued by the SEP on August 15, 2002, and which gives rise to the Superior Technological Institute of Perote (ITSPe), the first Higher Education Institution in this region of Veracruz.

On October 22, 2002, activities began in a rented building, with 61 students from the municipalities of Perote, Las Vigas de Ramírez, Acajete, Ayahualulco, Jalacingo and Altotonga, enrolled in the degrees of Industrial Engineering and Engineering in Food Industries ; For the following school year, on February 20, 2003, the businessman from Peru, José Yunes Suárez, donated a 7-hectare plot of land so that the facilities of the Tecnológico de Perote could be built there.

On November 19, 2004, the Decree by which the Superior Technological Institute of Perote was created as a Decentralized Public Organism of the State Government, with its own legal personality and assets, was published in the Official Gazette of the State Government. On November 30, 2004, the official inauguration ceremony of its own facilities was held.

In 2010, with the support of the ITSPe Board of Trustees, employees and businessmen of the region, a building with 4 classrooms was built, thus allowing opportunities to increase school enrollment.

In 2011, as a result of the agreements with the productive and government sectors, CFE was able to donate six pre-manufactured classrooms that at the time were used as a library and classrooms.

As of today, the Physical Spaces that students have at their disposal include 31 classrooms, Laboratories (chemistry and research), workshops (Industrial, Food, Electromechanical, Renewable Energies, Informatics) and three Computer Centers, Library, Cafeteria, two Basketball courts (one of them covered), two Civic Squares and two walkers.

The most relevant research project that, with the participation of academic staff, has been developed at the Tecnológico, is called "Use of castor seed as a bio-energy crop". To transfer the results of the research, a Diploma was given, which was divided into 13 modules, with the participation of 20 people from the private sector. Additionally, two books were published; one of them aimed at specialists in the area of ​​biofuels and the other aimed at producers and entrepreneurs of castor oil and biodiesel.

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